Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development promotes information processing, logical reasoning, perceptual skills and language learning in child's brain development. We will enhance these skills in children by giving them practical experience in activities which will develop their analytical ability.

Creativity and Imagination

Creativity is the mother of innovation, so allow your children to freely play with these activities and explore their imagination while they think, build and create. Our attractive designs are visually appealing and will inspire them to make creative designs.

Fine Motor Skills

Motor skills requires a control over the hand, wrist and finger muscles. Polishing these skills will strengthen their small muscles and improve their eating, writing, catching or throwing abilities.

Pretend Play

Pretend Play helps in understanding other's perspective as they play different roles. It generates a sense of social responsibility and allows them to interact easily. They also learn effective communication, self-expression and empathy, taking turns, sharing responsibility, and creatively problem-solve.

Science Exploration

Science has an existence everywhere around us. By giving them practical experiments the scientific concepts become self explanatory. They develop a habit of finding logic and reasoning which can lead to great innovations.

Hand-Eye Coordination

The coordination of hands and eyes is necessary to perform any action. It's a partnership task between eyes, hands and brain processing information and reacting to it at the same time. Children can develop these skills when given a chance to perform certain activities for gaining experience. They will perform basic daily activities efficiently when they interact with the tools given in our kits.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor Skills will facilitate swift movement of larger muscles of legs and hands. They are important for making children active and develop balance and control on body language.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental importance on humans life and value of the resources should be taught to children from their early age. Activities will help them interact closely with environment and will develop an attachment towards it.

Math Concepts

Math's comes into picture in every aspect of life let it be calculations or analysis. Such activities will flourish the abilities of counting, analysing, problem solving or data segregating.

Reading and Comprehension

Reading is a life lasting skill which can turn into a beautiful hobby. Reading is about gathering information and learning things from other's experience. Reading and comprehending activities help process information and create a thought process on it. Our activities will help in not just reading but storing it in memory.

Auditory and Visual Processing

Information grasped by the visual and auditory senses cause maximum impact on a person's life. Children constantly keep processing and analysing this information and it is stored in their memory easily. This is the reason why they remember movies more easily than the stories they read. The most significant age for learning and recalling information is at the age 4-7 so training children to make right use of it.

Organising and Structuring

Every management and development is incomplete without organization and segregation. Organizing time, toys, resources helps in shaping a child's personality. Children with these qualities can set priorities, make plans and get things done easily.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning helps in, deducting facts behind every working mechanism. It promotes structural thinking and enhances observational and problem solving capabilities.

General Knowledge

General knowledge is the most crucial element for intellectual development. It widens the horizon and expands children's knowledge on various domains. It fosters conceptual development, boosts confidence and makes a person street smart.

World Awareness

World is such a small place in today's generation where everyone is globally connected. Having knowledge about the various cultures, diversity, geology and lifestyle develops an ability to accept, respect and recognize people from different regions. Increases the interaction and makes one an open minded person.

Social Skills

Children learn with full potential at an early age and that is the time to teach them the social responsibility. Such activities help them interact easily and build strong social relationship. They will learn to respect, coordinate, share and develop patience.


Communication skills allow us to express ourselves through words, gestures and language.

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition allows one to visualize a pattern ,observe it and draw a logical conclusion from it. Children will develop a habit of recognizing pattern from images, numbers or sounds and will be able to form algorithms.

Observation Skills

"And Daddy, What is that?" is a ringing question in every house. This shows the inquisitive and observant nature in children. It is important to add direction to these qualities so that they will learn right things from their observation. Let them interact with tools and they will develop skills of classification and interpretation, calculation, working of mechanisms when they explore these activities.

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