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Funvention is an innovative startup which facilitates early learning in children. Children show curiosity even while playing with toys. They always want to discover more. So we believe that there is a little scientist in every child and their inquisitive and creative nature should be driven in the right direction. We have developed products which allow them to build their own toys and exploring new ways of learning. They will have fun and learn at the same time. These Do-it-yourself activities will give them a feeling of accomplishment and develop a sense of responsibility. We want to teach them skills and values in their play time. We provide detailed booklets and instruction manual for each product which will guide the children and make it easy to follow and use.

Children can grasp very quickly with their care free and risk taking nature. They are always willing to discover new things. This energy and curiosity should be guided wisely. We are just a bridge, connecting them to a brighter future by exposing them to high quality learning. We offer products that are not overtly scientific, dry or dull we have designed activities by children's perspective which makes learning fun and interesting.

Funvention offers a wide range of do it yourself projects designed for 4 years and above children. The products consists of built and learn activities which promotes STEAM learning. Funvention is rapidly growing so keep an eye out for the upcoming innovative and unique projects.

We apologize if or the inconvenience and we know how frustrating that can be! Rest assured we are constantly working to replenish our stock and that product should be back soon!

All Funvention products are hand crafted and hand packaged. We take extreme care to ensure all material provided are kid friendly and safe to use. All our products are shrink rapped for complete protection and to ensure no one has tampered with your box.

Yes we do! Checkout our website to avail exciting offers and promotional discounts which may be for limited time. So do visit frequently. You may also check the Funvention stalls in the malls and the Toy shops around you. You will also be updated for exclusive deals and discounts when you follow us on social media!

We do offer products on a wholesale basis. Write to us at care@funvention.com to know more.

Doing giveaways with Funvention is easy; write to us at care@funvention.com

In case you are not satisfied with any Funvention product or have any more queries then feel free to write to us at care@funvention.com

Funvention offers warranty on a per products basis. Check the page for your product for more information.

Funvention does not offer replacement parts currently, but we know the feeling when one part ruins the project. Write to us at care@funvention.com.

Funvention products are made for children, and their safety is our topmost priority. All our products are smoothly cut and are environmental friendly. Children's safety is utmost important.

Funvention does not currently sell products outside India. However for wholesale orders, write to us at care@funvention.com to know more.

Absolutely! Drop an email at care@funvention.com and we’ll get back to you.

We love new ideas! Drop an email at care@funvention.com and we’ll get back to you.

Our main objective is to bring parents and their kids together to share quality time. Towards that goal Funvention offers products for kids of all age groups. From three year olds to twelve year olds everyone can find their spot at Funvention.

Currently, Funvention ships all over India. Shipping is not charged extra. If you happen to be located outside India, then please contact us.

Once you have placed your order, it takes us 1-2 days to dispatch your box from our warehouse. We then send you a mail so that you can track where it has reached and how much longer it will take. It takes 2-10 days for the box to ship to most places in India.

We do not offer cash on delivery yet.

We accept all valid credit cards, debit cards, net banking and wallets.

In general, you can only cancel an order if it has not been shipped. Contact us as soon as possible to cancel an order.

Do not accept the shipment, and contact us on care@funvention.com as soon as possible.