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About Us

Funvention is a creative and a leading venture founded by two brothers Milind and Kamlesh Vadnere. They believe that every child has a potential to shine if given a proper guidance. They want to enlighten young minds and unleash their hidden talents and skills.

The Idea of Funvention

We being parents ourselves understand that managing daily chores, running a household, earning a living and at the same time brainstorming ideas to engage curious kids can be a challenging task. To solve these problems we came up with a solution. Hence came up the idea of Funvention!


Milind Vadnere : An Artistic and Proficient Engineer

Co-founder & CEO

Milind is an inquisitive E&TC Engineer who has perfectly blended skills of Art and Technology. He has over 12 years experience in the IT industry and is driven towards concept designing, automation, and programming. You can call him an expert in inventing technical ideas and modelling them into projects. He also makes beautiful pieces of art and has an eye for design and the mind for creativity.

What makes him stand apart from the crowd is his hunger for innovation and perfection. You will witness his concepts of technology and precision in each activity of Funvention.

Kamlesh Vadnere : A Creative and Meticulous Artist

Co-founder & Director

Kamlesh is an impassioned born artist and an introvert who is seldom busy exploring his skills in diverse fields of Art. He holds a strong background in this industry with a 15 years experience in textile designing, graphics and animation. His artistry in soap art, crafts, thermocol sculptures and painting will leave anyone spell bounded. He has also attained a diploma in animation and has made exceptional work in digital art, graphic designing and animation.

Kamlesh has an eye for grandeur in design and work with minute details to make a beautiful piece of work.

What happens when Art meets Technology?

Milind and Kamlesh had a joyful and inventive childhood. They did not just SPENT their childhood but invested time exploring their talents. They were always up for creativity and made everything from fixing fans, watches and motors to paintings, crafts, Diwali lanterns, temple replications from thermocols to list some of the few.

They also have their own apps on Apple and Google play stores for mobile games and themes.

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Vadnere

Apple Store : https://itunes.apple.com/mo/developer/vadnere-infotech-pvt-ltd/id408353817

Together they make a perfect combination of Engineering and Art, which made them invent such innovative kits in Funvention. Both of them are parents now so they closely understand the need of children and want to find ways to develop their skills.

Message from the Funventors

"If children utilize their time now and engage in such activities then they will not only have fun but will explore their own talent and inculcate skills that will help them for a lifetime. Childhood is the accurate time to define and mold our kid’s personality."

"A Glimpse of the creative portfolio by the duo, Milind & Kamlesh."