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Goldimo 3D Model Puzzle Kit

Quick Overview

AGE: 4 years and above
D.I.Y. Build Time: 1 hours
Play Time: Unlimited

3D Goldimo, a sea world creatures as our friend from nature.

This 3D model is a unique puzzle which become a toy model once you solve it by sticking parts together. These parts are made from biodegradable echo-friendly corrugated materials.

Includes : Precise Laser Cut Puzzle Pieces, Glue, Marbles & Instruction Guide.

One of the most creative and nature friendly Funvention S.T.E.A.M. learning educational toys.Build, Learn & Play toy kit supports various key development areas of kids.

Funvention Promise:
Environment Friendly
Child Safe
No Plastic use
Precise laser cutting
High quality cardboard

Key Development Areas
Enhances Cognitive Kills
Develops Fine Motor Skills
Improves logical Intelligence
Builds Pattern Recognition Skills
Encourages Imagination and Creativity

This kit contain environment friendly parts to build the Goldimo 3D Model, glue & detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual.

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Learn How Puzzle turns into 3D Model

There are many traditional 2D puzzles available which are once resolved there is nothing left to do with it.

Funvention has designed this unique puzzle which can be part of your games or showcase or study table once you have done with puzzle solving. Isn't it exciting?

This creative model is made up by corrugated sheets which are environment friendly and commonly used for packaging purposes. Creativity has no end to an imagination and you will be witness of the same when you see this amazing 3D Model made with such uncommon material.

The basic idea behind such puzzle development is to first create 3D CGI (3 Dimensional Computer Generated Imagery) Model. These models are then sliced vertically at equal distance in number of pieces maintaining its 3 dimensional view. The more number of slices the more it looks real in 3D shape. These pieces are then numbered in sequence, printed on corrugated sheets and precisely cut by Laser Machine.

How it works

First arrange all the parts of puzzle from each side of Goldimo as per the sequence given in instruction manual.

Start sticking puzzle parts from left side of Goldimo. Place marble in eye socket.

Start sticking puzzle parts from right side of Goldimo. Place marble in eye socket.

Put together both sides of Goldimo to complete your 3D Goldimo Model.

This amazing 3D Model is now ready to be part of your play or showcase or study table.

What's Inside

How To Make