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Catapult Mania Kit

Quick Overview

AGE: 5 years and above
D.I.Y. Build Time: 2 - 3 hours
Play Time: Unlimited

Catapult is an ancient war machine widely used in battle fields to defeat enemies & their massive castles.

Funvention has re-designed this machine to pretend different game plays and to demonstrate the mechanism in unique way.

One of the most creative Funvention S.T.E.A.M. learning educational toys.Build, Learn & Play toy kit supports various key development areas of kids and provide 6 unique game plays with unlimited variations.

6 Unique Game Plays
Arcade Catapult
Catapult Basket Ball
Castle Knockdown
Penguin Rush
Cup Stack Smash
Catapult Non Stop

Key Development Areas
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Cognitive Development
Hand-Eye Coordination
Organizing and Structuring
Sensory and Motor Skills
Pretend Play

This kit contain environment friendly parts to build catapult unit & 6 different game play setups, detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual and 6 score cards to record numerous games score for one or multiple players.

Catapult Mania is designed in such a way that it educate you kids a mechanical & engineering concepts while building and provide hours of engaging unique game plays once it is built.

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Learn Science behind Catapult through play

A catapult is a device which uses an arm to hurl a projectile a great distance and were often used in ancient times during battle.

In modern times, the catapult concept is used in various machines like in slingshot used to hurl pebbles and a machine that launches airplanes off aircraft carriers.

Catapults store energy until you hit the trigger. You store energy in a rubber band every time you stretch it out - the pull you feel from the rubber band is called potential energy. Catapults store potential energy by stretching ropes and rubber bands, and even by bending and flexing the wooden lever. The more energy you pack in, the higher your ball will go.

Funvention team aims to demonstrate science behind such unique machine with hands on models and addition of gameplay to learn with fun.

How it works

Put together all the parts and build the Catapult Unit & 6 Wooden Balls.

Build your Stadium unit which can be used in various gameplay along with Catapult.

Prepare Castle & Soldiers.

Prepare Penguin & Smiley Cups.

Start playing 6 different gameplays & challenge your friends to break the records set by You.

What's Inside

How To Make