Dear Parents,

A back pat on your shoulder for wonderfully carrying out the job of parenthood! Being parents ourselves we know how tedious it is to satisfy the children’s demands. Do you also drain your energy searching for activities to challenge their minds and develop their hobbies into talent? This can be handled easily. Read on and we will tell you HOW. 

You have a Lifetime to Work but their childhood will come only once. So spent time with them now!

While earning bread, performing daily chores and settling our family we dint even realize how our baby quickly grew into a school student. Now they are getting busy in their own world of school, studies, teachers and friends. As they are occupied and not running behind us we do get some self time to relax and do the things we want. Maybe some time to spend on whatsapp or reading newspaper or to exercise or maybe for just sleeping. We know this undisturbed time is rare after being parents but little do we realize that if we don’t spend quality time with them then we will stay distant from their lives. Our influence on them has already started to wane as now they behave according to their peers and school norms .This might aggravate and create a life lasting gap between us!  Before things go far out of reach this is a time for us to change!! We need to develop a strong irreplaceable bond. We know you are yet having the question “HOW”. 


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In future the competition will be with Technology and Competitors will be ROBOTS! Are we Ready?

Their growth from an infant to a child happened in a blink of an eye and very soon they will grow up to face the world. Face the world? This is a scary thought. In this era the world is evolving and constantly adapting to new technology. Today the smart phones and gadgets have already occupied a space in every house so we can expect a future where the machines will replace humans. Competition will be with technology and the competent will be robots. There will be greed for innovation and need for development. For being successful in this world of evolving technology would the school education suffice? Our innocent children hold our hands to feel safe when in any trouble. Can we let them enter the tomorrow’s’ land unprepared? After growing up they will not tell us about these difficulties they will face. They will not come to us then and hold our hands to feel protected. They will have to face that world! 

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Being a good parent isn’t it our responsibility to make them capable to tackle the future demands. The question still lies. How?


What is going WRONG?

We see the lifestyle of these children today. They hardly know what it is to create or think on their own. Knowledge and ideas are readily available on the internet and internet access is so easy. So they don’t like spending time brain storming their own ideas. Even we noticed our children at home and found some things which are not going right. Let’s see if you have noticed the same too.

     - Games are played only on – a Smart phone
     - Free time entertainment is only – a  TV show
     - Toys or puzzles once built – are never touched again
     - DIY activities for children – need materials which are not easily available!


A Change of Lifestyle in Childhood Leads to a Permanent Change in Personality! What should we add?

Knowledge of diverse subjects + Practical experience + Fun and challenging activities = Children engaged into skillful and creative time.

Being creative ourselves, we know how frustrating it is to see such a lifestyle.  We couldn’t see our own children waste time in activities which were not innovative nor productive. So we designed some STEAM activities which comprise the concepts of Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We watched our children learn and have fun with it so thought of sharing with you. We thought why not have a mass production of such activities and share this secret with other parents.

Our Startup Motive:  To utilize our innovation skills to benefit the future generation

So this is not about only business or profit, it is about getting together to make a revolution. This will not be done overnight but it’s a step by step process. And you have almost reached to take a first step of it.  Do you still want to know how? You can do it by buying these STEAM kits.

Visualize a future of talented individuals who have an expertise in multiple disciplines.

Enjoy your time exploring with your child. Built activities with them and watch them have fun and learn. It will be a productive and growing journey. Enjoy exploring and building activities together. This journey will be a growth of children, knowledge and strong relations. “When children grow their parents grow too.” 

Yours Faithfully,

Loving and caring parents just like you 

Founders of Funvention